1. Basic Operations

fmEditCustomer, fmGroupPricingDlg, fmQuickSendMessageDlg - Basic Operations at Customers Section

By using the main toolbar of this section you can perform such operations as:

Customer's toolbar

- Add Customer - calls form where the fields with basic customer data should be filled in:

Add Customer Data

1) customer first and last name, email address, generate the customer password and check the field for customer subscription
2) company/address - the company name, which customer employs in and its work address;

Company address

3) other tab helps display the data on customer's logon - the number of logons, when the customer account was created, the date of last customer account modification etc;

Other tab

4) extra fields - you can configure your customer additional data as a nickname, group price, email format and so on.

Extra tab

Click on 'OK' button to keep the entries.

- Edit Customer data shows the editing form the similar as the form for adding. You can change the filled fields or add information to still unfilled ones.

Edit customer data

 - to Delete Customer with all data from the available list click on the appropriate button in the main toolbar;

- send email option depending on the variant you choose gives you a possibility to:

Send email button

1) email customer via default email program configured on your computer  
Send email using default mail program
. Check please your email settings to be able to perform this:

Email Settings

2) set the email template to the customers, add the attachment to your message if you need and preview your creation before sending - 
Send email variant

Send email position

- you can configure price value for a specific customer group by clicking on the  'Group Pricing' button on the main toolbar Group Pricing;

- If you have a large number of customers and want to find the required one, you should use search option in the main toolbar.

Find customer option

- filter tools helps to display data according to specified parameters and in a certain order:

Filters tools